Letherbee Gift Box 2.0

It’s always a pleasure to get to work with an old friend. Brenton Engel, founder of Letherbee Distilleries in Chicago, played with me for many years in a kick-ass rock and roll band. We were on the road for what felt like 40 years…

I am very happy to see his product doing so well.  He is a really laid back but hardworking dude. Only 5 years ago was he cooking up moonshine in the basement of the same house we lived in and played music in, and now he’s blowing up–regionally and beyond. I hope we always have an excuse to collaborate.  Last Christmas for their gift box I came up with a simple tool box with belt handle design and we did a run of 50 with RX Made. This season we did 200, and added the laser engraved logo. Sharp.



letherbee boxes 1

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