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I am a designer, builder, and teacher recently relocated to the DC Metro Area. My past 4 years were spent working as the Director of RX Made, the design/build/production shop at Rebuilding Exchange in Chicago, Il, an amazingly kick-ass organization at the vanguard of Chi-town’s green movement. My work there involved helping the organization create a market for reclaimed materials and championing creative, environmentally responsible building practices.  I was honored to be featured on Apartment Therapy in “10 Furniture makers keeping Woodworking Alive.” I also had the privilege of speaking at NeoCon 2012 on the topic of “Innovation in Reuse: Designing Green Building with Reclaimed Materials” and have been featured on two seasons of the hit television series ” Weekend Workbench” on WGN-Chicago.

How To Reupholster a Chair Using Belts with Blake Sloane

I also repair and make furniture and lighting, carve signage, and generally tinker in the basement workshop of our home in Maryland, where I live with my wife, Jonaki, a social worker and photographer, and our illusive daughter.


Jonaki documents my work and our family’s misadventures on Instagram, you can follow along @fortythirdplace. You can check out our latest project documenting the intensive rehab of our new home at fortythirdplace.com.


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  1. Blake
    We were scouring web looking for interesting furniture makers in the Chicago area. We are a new (to open in spring) home decor retail store in Evanston, il. We found you and your work through our search. We are looking for a great furniture maker to build our cash wrap front desk area and help us creatively with other areas in our store. We really wanted to work with someone that we could possibly retail their items in the future as well – possibly. We will focus on unique, colorful, fun, modern, handmade items in our store – lamps, candles, pillows, blankets, ceramics, small furniture. We love a mix between reclaimed wood and sleek ultra modern pieces. Would you be available to chat sometime soon? We browsing your website, we recognized a couple of your chairs – do you retail with a store in andersonville called hopshop or topshop? look familiar. thanks.

  2. Paul Fitz

    Hey Blake,

    What’s good? It’s paul that worked with Jonaki back when at Lowell.

    On a business note I’d like to say I’m managing Working Bikes at 24th + Western and people have been telling me that WB and Rebuilding Exchange should find a way to work together. I don’t know exactly what that would look like (aside from the weird window room that Lee built last year with panels he bought up at yr spot. It was dismantled at the demand of the city), but we own our space and I do love collaboration. and we’re really flexible and barter friendly.

    On a personal business note I’d love to be able to practice working with wood as my experience is limited.

    On a personal note it’d be cool to catch up with you and Jonaki. Andrea + I have been making babies on the southeast side, but we’re down to travel (um, to the northwest side I mean) and eat foods.

    your furniture is beautiful. I hope things are well.

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